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Need a better Wi-Fi Solution?
Unifi Will Satisfy that need

Enterprize Wi-Fi

Suitable for Home, Office and Hotspot solutions

Not getting the benefit of fast internet

Conventional routers use technology that’s outdated

Although routers have been updates with 5ghz and AC technology, the main pitfall will still be signal strength.
Adding a second router will help with signal but just creates another problem in that your smart devices, laptop or phone wont let go of the first connection until it disconnects.
That problem is solved with Ubiquiti Enterprise Unifi solution.
Unifi employs what is called a mesh network meaning that your device is controlled by a small server that will always connect you to the strongest cleanest signal. Unifi also employs technology that analyzes the signal and change the frequency if it is congested. It utilizes the best of both world with 2.4 an 5ghz frequencies ensuring the best connection possible.
Unifi is truly unique in every way allowing streaming 4K wirelessly!
It supports Dual wi-fi networks allowing guests access if permitted.
Adding a gateway gives a added measure of security with content filtering and bandwidth limitations.

A variety of access points to suite any application


Innovative control software


Bandwidth limitations




Content filtering


Cost Effective

Hotspot Management


Manage Staff and Customers


limit speed, limit data and filter content to protect siblings


Run marketing video promoting products and specials


Sell vouchers in data denomination or Hourly, weekly and monthly packages


Voucher and online payment options for access


Get all the needed features in a comprehensive product with no extra charges

Choose a service



Lets do more to serve our community

Internet has become an essential part of our lives. If you know on any church, children's home, woman's shelter in dire straights and need internet, please make contact!

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